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1 Do you or a family member wear glasses for reading, distance vision or both?

2 Do your children, grandchildren, or other children you care for sit too close to the TV, have trouble with hand-eye coordination or complain of headaches?

3 Has your school-age child or grandchild not received a thorough eye exam from an eye doctor within the past two years? (A school exam doesn't count.)

4 Do you or does anyone in your immediate family have high blood pressure or diabetes?

5 Do you or a family member spend several hours each day looking at a computer screen or experience frequent headaches after working at a computer?

6 Have you or a family member been diagnosed or treated for cataracts, glaucoma,macular degeneration or other eye problems?

7 Do you spend time outdoors without sunglasses that have 100% UV and glare protection?

8 Do you have tired or burning eyes or rub your eyes frequently?

9 Do you or a family member have difficulty seeing at night?

If you answered yes to more than one question for yourself or a family member, or if it’s been longer than one to three years (depending on your age or doctor’s recommendation) since you or a family member last had an eye exam, it’s time to schedule an appointment.

Call (541.342.4243) or email us at to schedule your appointment today.