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Here Are Some Of The Reviews We've Recieved From Our Clients And Friends

"In my opinion, the benefits of the children in my class who received Vision Therapy Training goes well beyond improving just their reading. They began to feel successful in many other areas, including sports, arts, writing, etc. I get the joy of watching their self-esteem go up. It changes how they feel as a person."

- Mary Bauer, 4th Grade Teacher

"Through a check-up with Dr. Foley I discovered that many people suffer from the same eye problems I was experiencing. I was having a hard time focusing quickly on objects, I couldn’t concentrate and I would get tired easily from doing my homework. By the time my sessions were complete, I was able read and play sports without any problem from my eyes. This was a great experience for me and now I can say I love to read!"

-Kristen Swenson, High School Student / Athlete